Saturday, January 12, 2008

Strano, Multo Strano*

Woke up this morning to the gentle clunking of espadrilles on the floor above us and the pounding of rain against the window. The first escalated into a tap dance routine that our neighbour and her family seem wont to practice only on Saturday mornings; the second abated and the sun broke through with blinding brilliance - for five minutes. Then it was back to the pounding rain.

The weather here in Rome is strange, very strange*. At 1000 in the morning it can be bitingly cold, not the finger-numbing -35c I'm use to in Ottawa, but a bone gnawing damp hovering at zero. Three hours later its a pleasant 18c and the gloves, scarf and sweater you wore under your jacket comes off but the umbrella is up because that blue sky has turned gun-metal gray and its drizzling. This morning it was pounding rain at the back of the building but clear and sunny at the front - still haven't figured that one out. But at least the balcony plants are getting a good soaking.

Poinsetta on the Balcony
So time to head out to the market:

Shopping list - check
Scarf - check
Wallet - check
Gloves - check
Change purse - check
Sweater - check
Cellphone - nope lost that in a cab on Wednesday - add to shopping list
Umbrella - check
Jacket - check

Okay lets go!

12 gennaio - San Modesto


BigAssBelle said...

every time i visit you, i want to hop on a plane and go to rome. sigh.

Doralong said...

Have fun shopping dear, don't get rained on. And remember to let me know what you had for lunch so I can be all jealous..

Elizabeth said...

Again, I'm with Belle. I always imagine that rain in Italy is less dreary than rain in the Rustbelt. You know what they say, the grass is always greener in Italy. Or something like that.

evilganome said...

The weather in Rome sounds as capricious as New England.