Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Traditions of Christmas - Cards

I meant to post this on Monday but with the excitement of being Bolled over it got lost.

Christmas Card 2006We're a little late this year but the Christmas cards have finally been finished. Each year I choose something Christmasy and PhotoShop it to death to make a Bundnie & Reesie Christmas Card*. The past few years have been easy - with a Victorian gingerbread house decorated with garlands and wreaths the subject matter was pretty much predetermined. That's last year's card to the left and these are cards from previous years. This year was a little more difficult - we didn't want to use photos of the house (after all it does figure in our lives anymore) but there isn't really much Christmasy in Italy in November to shoot and worked on. Finally early Saturday morning we decided on a photo from the trip to Farfo Abbey. The last card came off the printer last night and the envelopes were completed this morning.

I'll have to run over to the Vatican Post Office tomorrow and get them on their way to Canada, the U.S., England, Hong Kong, Japan and France. Why the Vatican Post Office you ask? Is it so the cards will bear the stamp of the Holy See? No, its just that their postal system is more efficient than the Italian one. The cards are more likely to arrive at their destination - and in time for Christmas. With the Italian Postal System I would be mailing my Easter cards today to make sure they arrive in April.

Bundnie and Reesie Card logo
* I started using the Bundnie and Reese card logo in Poland when I was making cards for other people. Though our Bundnie is no longer around I resisted the suggestion to change the logo - for an Egyptian she was a "Chrismas" type of girl.

03 decembre - San Galgano


Elizabeth said...

It's hysterical, yet makes total sense, that the Vatican's mail is more efficient than the rest of Italy's. Even the relaxed Italians don't want to mess with the mail of the one guy God listens to.... You can bet HIS Christmas cards arrive on time!

Doralong said...

I'm with Elizabeth- that's too, too funny!

PS- what cute cards! Me I always go for the sarcastic sort actually. I really ought to do something different like a picture of the kids and dogs or something this year. Aww man! I'm been so busy being sick I totally zoned on cards..

Anne said...

I'm just stopping by since I see you post on Lorraine's blog.

I like the Photoshopped card, I like artsy like that.

Willym said...

Elizabeth/Doralong: And the staff at the Vatican Post Office are polite and helpful. The Italian Post Offices are known for lines that suddenly close just as you get in front; directing you to a line you get to the front are told you're in the wrong line and start over again; the total indifference of the staff - rudeness you can deal with, indifference is harder.

Anne: Thanks for stopping by. Occassional I get artsy - could be one of the reasons I was beaten up in the school yard.

Anonymous said...

I'm making my own this year as well. Whether or not they make it out remains to be seen - as I'm pretty sure I'm not on the nice list this year.