Monday, January 07, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

Last week Auld Hat - she of the Naught Nibbles, and I'm sure my label of "Naughty nipples" last week was just a typo not a Freudian slip - posted a bit from Kids In The Hall. She reminded me of all the inspired Lunacy out there in the world so I thought why not - lets search, see what I can find (that's why God in her wisdom gave us Google) and see if I could come up things for a regular Monday (Lunedi) post.

First up, in honour of the country of my "Residence Elective", Ennio Marchetto from Venice:

07 gennaio - San Raimondo


evilganome said...

Okay. That was hilarious! I have to say the Celine Dion send up was terrific. I can't begin to explain how much I hated the movie Titanic.

I will be looking forward to more Monday lunacy.

sageweb said...

That was great. Very original. I had no idea Celine Dion had such big ears. I will have to google her now.

Anonymous said... words. Brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. I give today's post 5 out of 5 nipples.

Elizabeth said...

Hysterical! i can tell I'm going to spend a little time on youtube again (Pat and Stanley are now family favorites). Nice to have a little treat to look forward to on Mondays now. thanks.