Monday, December 10, 2007

The Traditions of Christmas - Christmas Windows

Our friend Joanne was here last week for a conference but we managed to get together on Friday for the day. She was staying downtown near the Colesseo and as I head up Capo del'Africa to her hotel I was greeted by the sight of Gladiators and Senators heading to work. Anyone who has been to Rome will know what I mean - the guys in costume who stand around the Colesseo and Foro trying to pull you in for a bus or guided tour. These guys are probably in more vacation photos than bartenders in Jamaica but there they were trudging to work, swords and laurel wreaths in hand, like every 9 to 5 Joe.

Joanne has been to Rome before but it gave us a chance just to amble along taking a look at the odd thing here and there. Our walk down a side street off Corso lead us to a pastry story that has this incredible chocolate and spun sugar Presepe or crêche in the window:
Candy PresepeShepherds and their sheepVillage DetailsHoly Grotto
Just as we were entering Piazza Navona we saw these two windows in a children's store (that Joanne and I reflected in the window):

Babes in the WindowFairies in the Window

10 decembre - Nostra Signora di Loretto


Doralong said...

Ohh... it's all so pretty and festive and old worldy and stuff!! I love it!! And people wonder why I detest malls.

evilganome said...

It looks just wonderful, though I have to admit I am fantasizing about rampaging through the Presepe as the giant Ganome that ate Bethlehem.

BigAssBelle said...

absolutely beautiful.