Friday, May 09, 2008

Salzburger Zeitung - Friday - II

We've just come in from a late dinner after Il matrimonio inaspettato, the opening performance of this year's Whitsun Festival. Its been a busy day of walking around town - seeing new things, revisiting old and I'm almost dead on my feet.

But before I got to bed I want to put up a quick post. Paisiello's little four character opera buffa isn't great music but damn this was great music making and comic theatre at its best. Riccardo Muti, the driving force behind the festival, his cast, chorus, orchestra and production team treated the piece lovingly and had us on our feet for a 20 minute ovation at evening's end.

Nicola AlaimoIf there was any star, other than Muti of course, it was the young (30 year old) Italian bass-baritone Nicola Alaimo as Tulipano, the farmer with aspirations above his station. Vocally and dramatically he was a constant delight and the strongest player in an evening with no weak links.

My friend Opera Chic has a few photos of the production on her site; and speaking of photos I'd love to get my hands on the SOB who decided that it was okay to disturb the final moments of the performance by taking not one or two but six flash photographs. There is a special place in my version of hell for a..h....s like that.

Andreas SchollAnd I almost forgot tomorrow morning is an Andreas Scholl concert - and aside from the fact he is one of the finest countertenors around I've always found him hot in a nerdy-German way. Sort of "take of my glasses, unbutton my lederhosen and turn me into an animal!" And if the publicity photos are anything to go by our Andreas has been working out. Hmmm something to dream about.

Anyway I'm going to bedforshire a happier man for having experienced this evening. More tomorrow.

(Photo of Nicola Alaimo by Kira Volkova)

09 maggio - San Gerontius


Doralong said...

I'm so glad you're having fun! Hope Laurent is completely recovered! Enjoy! And keep up with the virtual postcards!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think you liked counter-tenors - I mean their singing?