Friday, January 25, 2008


Though things have been a little off kilter here the past week or two doesn't mean I haven't been following my favorite bloggers. Though in many cases I haven't been commenting a great deal - imagine me keeping my mouth shut - I still found so much to enjoy out there.
The flock starts across
  • The doyenne - so young and she's a doyenne already - of Opera here in Italy if not all of Europe, the beloved Opera Chic has been featured in Classical Singer magazine. Interviewer Amanada White, rightly IMHO, calls her the world's foremost opera blogger.

  • My darling Auld Hat is back in full force after a brief sabbatical and is as wise, witty and talented as always.

  • Sageweb went on a trip and gets tripped up at Ikea. And then she goes and gives us the cutest damn puppy and puddy picture around. And you all know how I feel about puppy and puddy pics.

  • RG has totally ruined The Wizard of Oz for me, I'll never look at getting back to Kansas the same way ever again.

Under the shepherd's eye
  • Once again Tater writes from the heart and reaches our hearts with a memory profile of his beloved Jimmy.

  • Lorraine is touched by grace at a time and place she least expected. And in the telling proves that grace can be in the written word.

  • And Elizabeth muses on the nature of friendships and the kinship of being an outsider.

An old sheep dog
And that just a random sampling of what I've been reading from my blog buddies - all of them more than worth a regular visit if they're not on your list already.

These pictures where taken on a back road in the Reiti plain in November. That old dog was very concerned when we separated him from the flock. The shepherd had given us the all clear when there was a break - but that old boy kicked up quite a fuss.

25 gennaio - Conversione di San Paolo


sageweb said...

Oh you are so sweet. One question about the Pic...that dog did make it back right?...I like happy stories..

Willym said...

Sageweb: Not to worry - he was a working herding his flock and we had interrupted him. He kicked up a fuss and then went back to marshalling his charges and getting the rest of them into line and across the road. But you should have heard the barking.

more cowbell said...

Wonderful pictures, Willym.

But what are all those republicans doing over there in Italy?

Elizabeth said...

Lovely pictures, and thanks for sharing (and linking).