Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Window Shopping

I'm really not that much of a shopper myself - I prefer online where I don't have to deal with snotty clerks - but window shopping here in Roma can be great fun. The Corso is the ultimate in chic shops though Nazionale and Victorio Emmanuale have their share of name designers and boutiques.

Galleria Ceiling
The Galleria off Corso is a bad imitation of the glorious Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II in Milano - they try but....
Ceiling off Corso

Shaving Brushes
And for the man who still uses a straight razor - or Sweeney Todd
Window full of shaving paraphinalia.

Statues for the home and garden
And should you need that ancestral bust for the entrance hall or cherub for the garden walk.
Statues for the home and the garden

A question of taste.
You may have heard about how stylish Italian woman can be; well there's stylish then there's...... downright slutty.
Taste good or bad?

Shoes, glorious shoes
I thought of one or two people I know when I saw these shoes - and most of them where women.

Dreaming of a White Coated Christmas
And how practical would these little items be?

Borsalino for men
Borsalino makes hats for men, women and, if that orange one is any indication, pimps.
Borsalino for Madam

Faberge style presepe
Then there's those Christmas chatkas that we all need - like Faberge egg presepe and sterling silver Santa sleighs.
Faberge style PresepeSilver Sleigh

A blushing bride for June
And looking forward to the blushing bustiered brides of spring:
Another blushing bride

Adoramus te - Monstrances
And for all your devotional needs:
Virgins in the Window

16 gennaio - San Marcello papa


sageweb said...

Great pictures! Okay the mannequin in the window with the leopard stuff on..looks like a drag queen. Oh and the last picture of Virgin Sageweb Statues....enough for everyone.

evilganome said...

Great pitures! I can't figure out what I want most. Though that leopard dress is tempting. It also reminds me that I need to get a BVM for my garden.

Doralong said...

Had to go and show the shoes and the bags, didn't you?????

tater said...

Dora, I'll gladly hold your bags and boxes when we visit Willym and go shopping.

evilganome said...

Dora. Hats! How could I have missed them the first time around? Did I forget to mention I am also a hat slut?

more cowbell said...

Personally, I like the orange hat.

Sling said...

Every guy should have a Fedora..
It should be a rule.

The Realtor of Long Beach said...

Boy About Town told me that I should come by and check out your blog! He said you had great pictures...he was always! hehe...if we lived over there I would never be able to pull Boy out of those shops! Lucky man!