Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another Flicker of Light

It is difficult to avoid churches in Italy - there are reputedly 997 in Rome alone - and often they are the main attraction in a town. Even the smallest town will have a church with some unusual feature that rates as a must see. As I've often mentioned I have gotten into the habit of lighting a candle when I go into a church as a reminder of the needs of those I love and often my own needs and concerns.

A few months ago I lit a virtual candle here when a close blog friend and her family were going through a rough time. I'll quote what I wrote at that time:

Many years ago Father Darby, the Superior of the Cowley Fathers, in response to a brashly worded question concerning the lighting of candles - the questioner was a rather rude young man who shall remain nameless - simply said it was a way of bringing attention to our hopes and concerns. And that if nothing else it was a flicker of light that briefly illuminated a dark corner of our world.
At this moment I feel the need to relight that candle with the hope that a few dark corners in the lives of people I love will be illuminated. There seem to be so many people who I care about that are in need of that flicker of light.

I am lighting it for the hopes and concerns of our family as we deal with my mother-in-law's Alzheimer's, for Steve, Betty Jean, Sarah and Brian, for Kevin and Bev and for Deborah and James. And I am also lighting it for the hopes and concerns of many friends as they deal with illness, begin new jobs, start new relationships, fight old addictions and are confronted by family problems.
"If you have a candle, the light won't grow any dimmer if I light yours off mine." - Steve Tyler
02 settembre - Sant'Elpidio


Doralong said...

This world needs every bit of light it can get..

I hope Laurent's mother is holding the line and his dad enjoyed his respite from caregiving.

Bev said...

Thanks Will. A flicker of light brought tears to my eyes, but then I guess it's because it is representative of what a wonderful friend you are. Kev and I love you both dearly. Thanks for your prayers.