Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Most of our neighbours don't have clothes dryers - electricity is so expensive here that running one could bankrupt the average wage earner. That and often buildings aren't wired for anything that heavy duty. We have one but I took a tip from Cowbell and on nice days start to dry things outside then bring them in for a final 20 minutes. Plus, of course, I have Nellie's Dryer Balls.

Clotheslines in the rainGiven that the forecast is calling for rain the next five days I'm not sure how our neighbour at the back is going to get her clothes dry.

And earlier Doralong was asking about today's lunch: well Laurent makes the best egg salad sandwiches in the world. And on rainy days there's nothing quite like egg salad on whole wheat toast and a big mug of Orange Pekoe tea. Guess you can put the boy in Italy but his Irish peasant roots will eventually show.

12 gennaio - San Modesto


Elizabeth said...

She'll be draping her clothes all over the house. Been there (well, not in that precise apartment), done it.

I just read the "Nellie's Dryer Balls" post. what a hoot. I love Ganome's ad campaign idea! "Add a little kink to laundry day!" Too funny.

Anonymous said...

(mental note: eat more egg salad)
When my sister lived in France, she had the worst craving for frozen fish sticks! And we both had a good laugh, "Just proving you can take the girl out of poor white trash, but you can't take the poor white trash out of the girl" ha ha

Doralong said...

Not a damn thing wrong with egg salad.. And since my dryer has made it clear it's giving up the ghost any old day now, that hang and bring in for the last bit idea has been my M.O. for a while now.. Leaky doors and sick cars trump dying dryer every time.

more cowbell said...

Well, between Nellie's Dryer Balls, and your extensive set of Silver Balls, you guys are set.

Some places, especially w/ high ceilings, have clothes lines on the bathroom ceiling that can be raised and lowered w/ a pulley. You hang your clothes on the lines, give a yank to the pulley, and they're up above you. We used Elizabeth's method of hanging all over the house, though, after that first year's electric bill. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the compliment on my Egg salad sandwich.


Lorraine said...

I adore egg salad sandwiches.