Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Going For Baroque

Yes I know its not very original but then neither was "If it ain't Baroque..." "You Baroque it.." or "My heart is Baroque - with one of those little heart symbols" - which all came to mind as I started this post. I'm sure you could come up with a better pun but its 0730, the sun is just up and I haven't had my first capucc yet.

Link to Travel SiteAaron from Meanwhile is heading over here next week - which means we should be getting a series of incredible, and often unusual, photographs of the Eternal City. He's been using an amazing site as his inspiration in planning this trip: Rome in the Footsteps of a 18th Century Traveller (a click on the Guida di Roma at the left will take your there.) The site is obviously a work of love for Roberto Piperno and as Aaron mentioned also the work of a life time. I wasn't familiar with it until I clicked on the link in Aaron's post and I spent a fascinating and fascinated hour or so paging through it. It's been added to my favorites and the link being sent to any of our friends who are coming to visit.

Thanks Aaron and we've ordered sunny and mild weather for next week - its sunny and heading for 15c here today - but bring a sweater, coat, gloves, a scarf and umbrella just in case.

29 gennaio - San Constanzo


Anonymous said...

There was a YouTube video up called "Baroque Back Mountain" where someone put images from the film set to some lovely Bach music. Can't seem to find it now but I thought it terribly clever.
Have fun with your friend!

sageweb said...

Baroque Back mountain..ha ha ha..Oh my gosh she make me laugh so hard some days...but not as much as you made me laugh today on Red's post...I am still laughing..I have the giggles. Have fun with your friend. Take pics..

more cowbell said...

No way! The Hat beat me to it, although I haven't seen the video. Yet! Actually I was goign to say Baroque Back Blogging.

Sling said...

Baroque Obama in '08!..yeah..that was lame.

Elizabeth said...

But the image it gives me of Obama in a powdered wig and a velvet coat is pretty funny!

have fun with your friend. His site does look amazing.