Friday, January 25, 2008

Songs for Parky

Michael ParkinsonOne of our guilty pleasures when we lived in Poland was watching Michael Parkinson on BBC-Prime. I say guilty only because we were using a pirated satellite signal; once every three months an elderly gentleman - reeking of vodka and b/o - would come to the house, his wife would hold the ladder as he climbed out on the roof and worked his magic for a third the cost of the regular hook-up. I can say that now because the 7 years statute of limitations must be up.

But I digress, Parky's shows were a highlight of Sunday night on BBC - he moved over to ITV after a major shake up at the BeeB. His interviewing style was relaxed, the people he attracted where some of the best (and occasionally some of the worst - the Meg Ryan interview was notorious) and often he had celebrities tell him - and his audience - things they had kept even from their analysts. Parky retired this past year but not before some incredible compilation shows. Here's the last part of the show devoted to music. It started with Michael Buble and went on to include some the greatest names in music - and a few musical surprises, Robert Mitchum!!! - of the late 20th century.

Is it me or was it really a "Golden Age?"

25 gennaio - Conversione di San Paolo


Doralong said...

I wish BBC America would rerun old episodes, I fell in love with his show- he really is one class act all the way around.

sageweb said...

That was fun. Great find!

tater said...

Why oh why are we forced to endure the lackluster talent of today? This goes to further prove that our culture is fading to black. I mourn every time an entertainer of substance is lost to death or retirement.