Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quel Chapeau!!!!

Our wanderings through Fortnum and Mason last week brought us to the Ladies Hat Department and this lovely number caught our eye immediately.

Feathers and Snakeskin chapeau
I was begging Deb to try it on so I could take a picture when a very friendly Irish saleslady with an "Are You Being Served?" manner, came gliding over. We were trapped! Deb did try it on but I couldn't get a picture which is a shame because it looked great on her and she said it was one of the most comfortable hats she had every worn. In lilting tones the Saleslady extolled the virtues and glories of said chapeau for that special occasion. Deb wryly remarked that she had found the hat now all she had to do was find that occasion. I suggested with a big birthday coming up perhaps we had found the perfect gift and I could drop a hint to James. Deb simpered "Oh would you?" I said it would be my pleasure. We both radiated contentment at finding the perfect birthday gift, thanked the saleslady for her kind assistance and made our getaway. I must say that Deb and I are rather good at by-play in shops.

Before we left we did convince the saleslady that such an elegant hat would show to better advantage on a mannequin head than a hat stand and she made the switch. It takes an unmarried gentleman of a certain age accompanying a lady friend on a shopping spree to notice these things.

Oh and the price tag on this little snake skin and feather confection? Why only L695 - that would be 1,382.89 CAD or 1,375.23 USD at today's rate of exchange - cheap at half the price!

26 gennaio - SS Tito e Timoteo


more cowbell said...

Oh I would've loved to been in the shop for that exchange. Nice fix for the mannequin. But really, nearly $1400? For that price, I'd fully expect it to come with a pair of hot boots as well, interesting feathers notwithstanding.

Elizabeth said...

I would have loved to be there, but I would have giggled and ruined i. And I really wish we could wear hats like that these days without looking like I was playing dress up.