Sunday, May 11, 2008

Salzburger Zeitung - Sunday - I

I've been wanting to get something up about the Festival so far but unforunately the Internet connection at the Hotel has been down since yesterday afternoon. Just putting this in on a local connection until I can get a full connection.


Il matrimonio inapsettato - a delight
Andreas Scholl and Accademia Bizantina - if I can't have Andreas I want Stanfo Montanari the violinist - seriously a great concert.
Neapolitan Church Music - the Balthasar-Neumann Chor und Ensemble did some fine work but then showed us what they could really do with a Bach encore.

And don't let anybody tell you Austrian food is heavy and unimaginative - we've had some great meals, snacks and confections. Okay some of it can be heavy but tasty.

And it is spargel season - asparagus, ham, butter and Parmesan cheese!

More to come.

11 maggio - San Mammertus


sageweb said...

Those looked yummy, now I am hungry.

Tater said...

Recipe please! That sounds delicious.

Sling said...

I'm not a huge fan of asparagus,but that sounds tasty!