Saturday, January 19, 2008

So That's How It's Done!!!!

Deb and I dropped in to the Windsor Farm Shop at Windsor Castle on Friday morning. Produce and products being sold are from the various Royal Farms around England and are top quality and for the most part organically grown. I picked up a Pork, Stilton and Apple Raised Pie (which Laurent and I had for dinner tonight - delicious) and some Beetroot and Horseradish relish for Laurent, Deb got us some some tasty Cheese and Ham stuffed Mushrooms for Friday night's dinner.

While we were there I noticed this product on special:

Hand Made Faggots

Pretty much cleared up the mystery for me.

19 gennaio - San Mario


Doralong said...

And there my dear you have it.. Pork and Stilton, I think I may be tearing up a bit.

Hope you're having a grand time dear!Take lots and lots of pictures for us!

more cowbell said...

Well! Who knew? You just never know the artistry that goes into well made handcrafted goods.

evilganome said...

3.15 seems very reasonable for 3 faggots! I've found a few wandering the aisles of the supermarket over the years. Fortunately they were giving out free samples.

Sling said...

I can see it now:

Customs agent- "Do you have anything to declare?"

Willym- "Why,yes I do!...I'm bringing 3 faggots from England!"

Customs agent- "Wow,..Them are some fine lookin' faggots!..Are they hand made?"

Willym- "Well,..YEAH!..These suckers don't grow on trees ya know.

Customs agent- "Move along then.."

sageweb said...

Them are some fancy faggots...are they tasty? Are they served warm? And the one question I love to ask....Do they stink?

Evil and Sling crack me up. They both owe me a new keyboard.

Elizabeth said...

And inquiring minds need to know, what do factory-made faggots look like? I'm guessing they're cheaper and easier...

Willym said...

The lot of you are very, very naught and deserve to have your bottoms smacked. Here I am trying to impart knowledge and culture and what do we get - ribaldery, nothing but blatant ribaldery!

evilganome said...

Willym are you going to wear your naughty governess outfit while you are dispensing these paddlings?

Sorry about the keyboard Sage.

And Elizabeth, the factory made ones tend to look extruded. Sorta like Tom Cruise. Kinda creepy really.

Elizabeth said...

Oooh! We saw you in the Peter Pan outfit. Now do we get to see a picture of you in your naughty governess number?

more cowbell said...

Oh come now, you know very well you are all about the ribaldry.