Monday, December 10, 2007

The Traditions of Christmas - Gift Giving

We are very fortunate that we have established good friendships here in Roma. A few like our friend Robert are long-standing others such as Robert's talented partner Walter and Larry and Vincenzio are recent. We spent a good deal of my birthday weekend with these four wonderful men and other friends and acquaintenaces of theirs. I'll blog more about that tomorrow.

So what does this have to do with the Christmas tradition of gift giving. Well Larry writes about it today on his blog. The smaller children in the school where he teaches have found a wonderful way to reach out to children in Roma who live with HIV. Take a look - and the pictures of Larry are pretty damn fine too.

10 decembre - Nostra Signora di Loretto


Red Seven said...

I have never met Larry and am sending him many warm and fuzzy thoughts today, before I scamper off to his blog to read of his good, good work. Happy Birthweek!

(Why should it only be one day?)

Doralong said...

How utterly precious!

more cowbell said...

Thanks for sharing, Willym. A true and for real "heartwarming Christmas story." So much better than the Hallmark Channel.

evilganome said...

Best wishes off to your friend Larry. Truly a wonderful way to appreciate the season.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful thing to do! And thank you for sharing it. After writing my World AIDS Day piece, I was grieving and wishing there was more I could do in remembrance of my friends who've died. And this is just the thing. There's so much hope and compassion in it. So, though it's too late to organize it for this year, next year about this time, I hope I'll be blogging about the kids at my daughter's school - the gifts they give, and the more valuable gift, of the truest spirit of the season, that they receive.