Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Okay just because Christmas is over doesn't mean we still can't share things. And there's lot to share out there:
  • Auld Hat has done a major redesign at The Voluptuary where the colours are seductive, the content saucy and the artistry superb.
  • Over at Meanwhile Aaron shares another series of his beautiful photos.
    Field Trip: Flushing Part I
    Field Trip: Flushing Part II
  • Joe, My God broke the news that our beloved Big Ass Belle is the co-winner for 2007's Post Of The Year for Piano Music. It is a touching and powerful piece that reflects the passion and compassion that is Lynette.
  • Elizabeth looks at family as a mother and as a daughter.
  • Dr Faustus got a rather decent preposal. And gave the right answer.
  • And one place that I don't visit often enough but always dazzles me: Japonisme

Christmas Merry Go RoundAnd why the Carousel picture? Because I like carousels and I have all these pictures from 2007 that never got posted.

01 gennaio - Maria Madre di Dio


lotusgreen said...

how sweet of you! thank you. happy new year.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, as ever. And who doesn't love a carousel? They're childhood joy distilled down into one perfect object. Look how the mother and child in the picture are beaming at each other. That's just how they make you feel.

Big Ass Belle said...

that's sweet of you honey. thank you.

i also love carousels. all my childhood i dreamed of grabbing the golden ring. then i grew up and realized the ring is just a life, and i have my golden thing firmly in hand. it's a fine world in so many ways.

more cowbell said...

The Bohemian LOVES Carousels -- they are one of her favorite things in the world.