Monday, December 24, 2007

The Traditions of Christmas - Sharing III

Once again this year Joe - the blog father to many of us - retells The Dance of the Sugar Plum Lesbians. This wonderful New York vignette has become a blogdom classic and if you haven't already read it please do. It always makes me smile and get a little misty eyed. Thanks Joe.

24 decembre - San Delfino


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful. Funny and touching at the same time. Merry merry to you. As ever, thanks for sharing.

Java said...

I have only been blogging for just over 3 months, so this is my first Christmas to visit JMG. I read the Dance of the Sugar Plum Lesbians a few dsys ago, and it touched my heart!
Merry Christmas, and enjoy your monarch's Christmas message this afternoon.

Willym said...

Elizabeth: It's quite a lovely story isn't it? Its become one of my Christmas favorites.

Java: Welcome to blogdom and thanks for stopping by. I'm heading over to your blog to take a look. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

BigAssBelle said...

i love that piece. LOVE it.

more cowbell said...

Oh!! This is my favorite -- and I remembered it immediately from last year, which means, hello, I've been blogging over a year! Perfect story to bring that realization home.

Thanks, Willym.