Monday, December 10, 2007

The Traditions of Christmas - Christmas Fairs

The Christmas Fair had just opened at Piazza Navona on Friday when Joanne and I were on our stroll. It is one of many in Roma, and only some of the booths and rides were operating but families and school groups were already showing up.
Piazza Navona Christmas FairAngels for the PresepeCreches and BuildingsMore Angels

As well as children's toys and Christmas trinkets, stalls are selling figurines, buildings, trees, moss, lights - everything you need for your own Presepe.Coke and Santa

A familiar figure reminds us that a Christmas Fair is after all a commercial event.

Fountain of the Four Rivers

The Fountain of the Four Rivers is undergoing a much needed cleaning and restoration.

Carousel HorsesCarousel Figures

Not sure if its just me, but as colourful as this carousel may be, it needs children to give it life.


And of course, being Rome, there has to be candy and sweet stalls.

10 decembre - Nostra Signora di Loretto


Elizabeth said...

My husband and children DO make living here worthwile, they do, they do...... (She repeats this over and over, as if saying a rosary, as she looks at the photos.)

BigAssBelle said...

candy and sweet stalls that look like fruit bins. i am living in the wrong place, willym.