Thursday, January 10, 2008

Parlo del Piu e del Meno

Just some odds and ends - separated by a few of those leftover pictures from last year.
The Temple of Aecespius
The Temple of Aecespius at the Villa Borghese in August.

  • Next week I head off to London for a few days - 1 cent euro each way on Ryanair plus Euro 48.98 in taxes and services fees for a grand total of Euro 50.00 . I've heard some bad things about them but at that price as long as its got wings and a good safety record I'll try it. Oh did I mention I'm deathly afraid of flying - yes 33 years in the airline business and I'm terrified every minute I'm on a plane.
Pines of Rome
From our balcony - terraces and the Pines of Rome.

  • Why London? To visit my friend Deb and her SO James for a few days and take Deb to lunch at the Fountain Room at Fortnum and Mason's and the Panto at the Old Vic. Its become a tradition - if you can call twice a tradition. Last time it was tea at the Savoy and Sir Ian McKellan playing Aladdin's mother, this year it's Stephen Fry's version of the Cinderella story and some very camp carryings-on. I'll blog about that later.
From Mercato di Traiano towards the Foro
Towards the Foro from the restored Mercato di Trainao.

  • The following week I'm planning to join Laurent in Athens. He's going for work, I'm going to wander around the Plaka, drink ouzo and check out some of Matt Barrett's helpful suggestions on restaurants etc. Matt has never been wrong where Athens is concerned.
Piazza Vitoria
A galleria in the Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele.

  • Since the truckers' strike last month food prices have gone up here anywhere from 10 to 20% depending on the product. And after the December taxi strikes our beloved Mayor Walter "Give 'em bread and circuses" Veltroni has announced that taxi fares will go up 18% with a new Euro 2 surcharge for taxis from the railway station. Wine, however will remain the bargain it has always been. Some things you just don't screw around with!
Polishing our balls
Almost finished polishing our balls.

  • And Wally V. has also announced that Euro 2 billion and a workforce of approximately 5,000 will be thrown at the city parking problem. By 2010 there should be 41,000 new parking spots. Of course by then there should be 100,000 additional cars.
Christmas table and tree
The table set for Christmas Dinner

  • I finally got tickets for Tosca - showed up at the Box Office on Tuesday and nabbed 4 seats for the Sunday matinee. Its the first cast so I'm happy with that - explanation: since performances are given on successive nights here they often have two, sometimes three, casts alternating. Sunday will be the same singers as Opening Night - including Marcelo Alvarez and Renato Bruson - so I'm quite content.

10 gennaio - San Aldo


Auld Hat said...

So many points to address:
Firstly, I seethe with jealousy over your London and Athens getaways. Take a few of the little white tablets before your flights and just drift away...
Next: You know how we adore your shiny balls.
Lastly, that thar holiday table is magazine ready! Glorious, gorgeous, love love love.

Have fun on your trip! Eat a steak and kidney pie for me (:

sageweb said...

Scared of flying and you shine your balls...oh we are so opposite. Have fun in London, and Athens. I actually know a couple good eating places in the Plaka. No, I can't remember their names but they are near something I just can't remember. And they served Ouzo, that should narrow it down for you.

Lorraine said...

Many fun things for you to look foward to. Awesome. And the table/tree photo is spectacular.

BigAssBelle said...

beautiful pictures! beautiful life. i just want to trail around and hold your umbrella (or cape or whatever) as you dash about being a gentleman of the world.

Oh did I mention I'm deathly afraid of flying - yes 33 years in the airline business and I'm terrified every minute I'm on a plane. really??????? wow.

i was terrified of flying and so i didn't. getting back on a plane about 18 months ago took every ounce of will i have plus some valium. now i'm FREEEE and all i want to do is fly :-)

i won't ask you why you're scared just in case something terrible happened. DON'T TELL ME. i'm enjoying my freedom.

it's been a wretched week in US politics, sweetie. i was feeling very blue about it and then realized i had not been here in a while and i knew that you would be sharing wonderful things. you were, you are, and i feel better already. hugs.

Sling said...

If I had your view from the balcony,I'd never sleep in the house.
Great photos as always my friend!
Now If I can just figure out how many euros in a bushell..

Elizabeth said...

Well, boo! Hat and sageweb beat me to ribbing you about your shining balls.

Other than that, lovely pictures of places you've been, and what lovely places you're going to. Belle will hold your umbrella and i will be your indispensable personal assistant/butler. I can do it! I can butle! I've met princes and heads of state. She and I will go to these lovely places with you and follow you around at a discreet distance (and giggle about your shining balls!).

Doralong said...

So, have you located a villia for all of us to live in yet? Tony is being nice and not nagging I notice, waiting for me to do it I suppose.

Have a safe trip and take lots of pictures and don't forget to send a postcard..

Doralong said...

Like, you did know I meant villa, right.. I need my coffee.

evilganome said...

My goodness! What shiny balls you have! As for flying, I cannot begin to express how much I hate flying. However, I will get on the plane, regardless.

And thank you Doralong for noting my restraint in nagging Willym to find suitable accommodations for us.

Willym said...

A friend teaches one of the Borghese boys - so maybe I can talk him into renting me the Villa - all 48 rooms of it, with the Raphael's intact of course.

Tony may be nice and not nagging but he did chortle and guffaw!

evilganome said...

Willym, how could I chortle, much less guffaw at such a handsome young fellow. Fall on the floor yes, but chortle or guffaw, never.

more cowbell said...

Heavens! That's quite a substantial battalion of balls you have there!

I love the 3rd picture in particular.

(And Elizabeth: get in line, honey, there are a few of us gunning to to buttle for the boyz.)

Anonymous said...

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