Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Traditions of Christmas - The Nutcracker I

Our Nutcracker under the TreeOur Nutcracker has been guarding our tree since 1980; Laurent saw him in the window of a German Delicatessen on Slater St in Ottawa and brought him home. This was long before they became a ubiquitous item in every Christmas store and catalogue. Now there seem to be Nutcrackers for every holiday occasion - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and I've even seen a Mouse King nutcracker! How perverse is that? Every one knows that little Clara helped the Nutcracker to defeat the Mouse King one Christmas Eve.

23 decembre - IVa domenica di avvento


Doralong said...

A Mouse King nutcracker- now that my friend is just perverse..

Elizabeth said...

SO mixed up. And the ones they make now couldn't crack a peanut without shattering. But yours is perfect, standing guard over puppy and Santa bear.

Hope you and Laurent and the other pup have a lovely and merry Christmas.