Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nellie's DryerBalls

Nellie's Dryer Balls
As opposed to Nellie's Wetter... never mind.

From an North American point of view there's a problem here with clothes dryers - okay there are several problems here with clothes dryers.

  1. They have a small capacity (but then so do the washers)

  2. They don't seem to get clothes completely dry

  3. You have to empty the flimsy plastic water tray after every load

  4. It can take up to 2 hours to dry (sort of) a small load

  5. Electricity costs a fortune.
So in true Diplomatic Spouse fashion some of us have been voicing our concern - okay, whining about the problem.

Voilà the answer: Nellie's DryerBalls (I'm not making this up you know!)

An environmentally friendly alternative to fabric softeners according to the publicity on the packaging (recycled cardboard) and the website. And the website includes a slideshow of the oh-so-50s June-Cleaver-are-you-watching cartoon from the back of the package.

I can hardly wait to try them. God help me I'm turning into Laurent's housekeeper!

17 Ottobre - San Ignazio d'Antiochia


Bev said...

Well, maybe we could use these in Afghanistan - if we had a dryer :) And I have to wonder how a culture in which men and women barely shake hands in public would respond to me handling anyone's dryerballs... Although apparently in Kandahar that might be popular ...

tater said...

Does Nellie have a very boorish dry wit?

more cowbell said...

The fact that the name is actually "Nellie" slays me. Beware the electric bill -- I insisted on using my little sort-of-dries dryer when I was on that side of the pond, and in addition to the monthly bills, at the end of the year I owed about $700 in "overage" charges, all due to the dryer. (ACK!) So I went out and got a bunch of those indoor hangy thingies like everyone used. (but i still cheated and threw stuff in for 5 minutes at the end, just so they'd be soft...) Good luck!

evilganome said...

I am still laughing over Nellie's Dryerballs. I don't think the actual items mitigate things either. Add a little kink to laundry day?