Friday, October 19, 2007

When Reesie Comes Marching Home Again...

Home from the ClinicWell our poor Reese didn't exactly march home like Johnny in the song, much like the real Johnny he hobbled unsteadily home with various areas of his body shaved and bandaged. The results of a battery of tests reveal that he had, when admitted, a very high white blood cell count and extreme levels of toxin in his system. They were able to clean up the infection and did other tests that confirmed most of the health problems we knew he had - nodules on his liver, hyper-active thyroid, an irregular heart-beat and arthritis (all but the last he's had since he was a puppy.)

I'm afraid the change of Vet and style of treatment may have precipitated several of the past week's problems. Our current vet is very big on homeopathic treatment and previous Vets have been more likely to push the chemical solution. I may be wrong on this but perhaps it was too late in his life to make changes. If Reese were younger the natural route would be the way to go but at this stage of his life we should not be experimenting.

The treatment he received at the Clinic was exceptional and the staff incredibly good but he wasn't eating much there. When he got home last night I gave him some chopped up chicken breast and cooked carrots - they were wolfed down in true Daschie style. The same thing this morning after a short walk.

He is sleeping a great deal but then if I had been poked, prodded and punctured in a strange place filled with smells of sickness maybe I would want to sleep it off to. We'll see how the next few days go and take it from there. We want to make sure than any decisions are made for him not for us.

19 ottobre - Santa Laura


Anonymous said...

Oh the poor little guy. The indignity of it all and he being such a sensitive little fellow. Please give our Reese a lovely belly rub from me and a facelick from Sobi and butt sniff from Silver.

Love from us all

Anonymous said...

all the best to reese ... may he recover well!

David Smith

Blake said...

Glad to hear that The Reese is home. I am sure that he will recover more quickly with you both around than at the vets.

Not eating at the vets is not unusual for a dog.

Love, belly rub and ear scratch from Uncle Pervy.

more cowbell said...

well I'm happy he's home! Daddies & home cooked chicken - nothing better for a tired puppyman.

evilganome said...

Poor Reese. He will probably do better now that he has his pet humans back. He's a lucky little dog to have you and Laurent looking out for him.

BigAssBelle said...

oh poor sweet baby! what kind of toxins?? that doesn't sound good. toxins??