Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Reesie Report - Rome - An Update

Bubba recumbant
Laurent and I just got back from seeing Reesie; he is much better than this morning but still not out of the woods. It appears he had a massive infection that was poisoning his whole system - it may have started with the teeth problem and because it was not fully under control spread through his body.

The Clinica Veterinaria Etiopa is for emergency services only , expensive and busy. This morning when we brought our little buddy in, they were tending to three animals and two guys (clan members??) came in just after us with a beautiful but very ill white Persian cat with incredible blue eyes. They're open 24 hours a day and so far from what we've seen give exceptional service and care.

Evening visiting hours are from 7 to 8:30 and tonight it was crowded - three or four families, two gay couples and a few singles - all coming to collect their dogs or see and walk pets in for the long term. Dog lovers are a strange breed! There was much exchange of information about breeds, age, aliments and prognosis and our limited command of Italian didn't exclude us from the chatter. Reese was cooed and petted over and we were assured that he was "carino" and that everything would be okay. The few pets without visitors weren't excluded from the concern and general confusion - including one poor pup, of an indefinite breed, who had lost most of his nose. He was fussed over when the Assistant - who himself was worth fussing over - brought him out for his walk.

The picture isn't Reese, of course, but "Bubba." Back in 1986 Laurent was posted to Mexico City and he was constantly bugging me to get him a dog for Christmas. In a very un-NÖEL-like spirit I decided he couldn't handle a live one and he woke up Christmas morning to find a stuffed Dachshund under the tree. Bubba has been with us ever since and over the past few years people have commented how much he looks like Reesie. That same puppy like expression. Sadly tonight - for the first time that either of us can remember - Reese didn't look like a puppy - he looked very tired and like an old dog. Dinner was very quiet.

14 Ottobre - San Callisto I Papa


evilganome said...

Willym, I am just catching up with you. I'm sorry to hear about all of the trouble for poor Reese. However, since you are once again posting regularly, I have to assume you at least got your internet connection.

I hope things work out for Reese. He is a very lucky little dog to have you and Laurent looking out for him.

Blake said...

Glad to hear that Reese is better. Hey we all look old now compared to a few years ago. Living is hard work.

I am enjoying your blog entries. Glad you got your internet access.

Hugs to everyone.

more cowbell said...

Poor old guy. I must admit, Bubba threw me for a loop, just for a split second.

Doralong said...

It's heartbreaking when your canine buddy gets older.. Our first two were with us 15 and 16 years. Our current pack are now 5 and 9 and settling into their middle years. A house without a dog can be no home.

I feel for you, and hope Reesie will be home very, very soon!

BigAssBelle said...

owwww!!! this is breaking my heart! i don't know what it is about animals, but when they're sick, i can hardly stand it.

how nice that they have visiting hours! that's a new one on me. never heard of such a thing.

my little bill is turning white around his eyes and nose. he's only five, but it reminds me that he will not outlive me (likely not, anyway) and the very thought of that just kills me.