Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Reese Report - Rome - A Further Update

Reese in the GardenWell Reese has been at the Clinic for the past three days and seems to be improving - they just can't seem to pinpoint where this infection is coming from. When we went to see him last night he was walking, ate a little bit, gave us each a kiss - if only very prefuntorary - and protested with that "What the fuck! Are you leaving me in this hell hole?" sharp bark as we left - and didn't we feel the guilty ones

I almost dread going to the Clinic because of what we see there -sick animals in various states of recovery or sadly not. In the kennel below Reese there is a poor dog that was semi-conscious the first night we were there and conscious but obviously in pain last night. As well as the dogs and cats in kennels there are several dogs just wandering around or laying on their blankets - I'm not sure if they have been adopted by the staff or what exactly is going on with them.

I mentioned the poor pup without a nose end in a previous posting. Patate or Patty is a sweetheart, she loves having her ears scratched so I obliged for a few minutes last night. Again I'm not sure what the complete story is but from a notice posted in the lobby I gather her family can't afford to look after her and her medical needs anymore. I am sorely tempted to see about adopting her but I'm honestly not sure how Reese would handle it. I'm going to try and get more information from the Clinic staff

We'll head over there tonight again and see the results of today's tests and hopefully by the end of the week our boy will be back home. The apartment seems empty and the days a little strange without the routine of walks, feeding and tummy rubs.

16 Ottobre - Santa Edwige


evilganome said...

Hopefully, he will smarten up and get better without any further delay.

more cowbell said...

That must be so difficult for you -- i think it's harder, in a way, even than people being sick. We can't explain to them what's happening, or that we are, in fact, coming back. Poor him. Poor you! Please keep us posted...

BigAssBelle said...

i don't know how you could bear to leave him there. i know he has to be there, but oh my goodness, it would just break my heart. ouch, ouch, ouch! i know you feel about your baby the way i do about mine, so i know this is making you crazy, friend. thinking of you all.