Friday, October 26, 2007

The Reese Report - Today's Update

We've often said that Reese is more like a cat than a dog - his behavoir is quite often more feline than canine - and be damned if like a cat he seems to have a few lives at his disposal. Dr Benevenuti referred to him tonight as his little "Miracle" as we watched him hobble slowly across the waiting room - and frankly on Tuesday he wasn't able to stand so.... We had thought it was only three days treatment but the good doctor - and I must blog about him sometime - continued it tonight and once more tomorrow. Then we will assess on Monday. As long as he is improving and there is no suffering I think for the moment we are not going to have to make a "decision."

So I'm off to Parma tomorrow at 0730 - I finally went to the station to get a reservation. The TrenItalia website is very slick, very "bella figura" but a total disaster for the user. It rejected 3 credit cards and actually froze my Mastercard after the third attempt. A call to a very pleasant lady at their call centre brought the admission that "we have trouble with foreign credit cards on the website." And even she was not able to help as much as she tried.

Hopefully I'll be blogging from Parma including a possible observation - a hesitate to call it a review - on the Oberto, which I'm sure you'll all be waiting for with great expection? Wish the trip could have been as planned but again there is always the next time.

It is now 11:05 and I still have to iron a few shirts, pack my five pairs of underwear (hey I'm going for a day and a bit okay! and I don't want to be hit by a mad motorino driver and taken to the hospital with dirty underwear, okay!) and four pairs of socks (all blue.) And then to bedfordshire.

26 ottobre - San Evanisto


evilganome said...

Good to hear Reese is doing so much better. Have fun in Parma! So much more exciting than being in Boston.

Doralong said...

Best of all to the little precious.. bless his heart.

Enjoy- those chances are so random in life, take it in and just enjoy!

And get some damn Parma ham and make me drool, OK????

more cowbell said...

Very wise to take only blue socks. That way if there's a sock emergency with one, any one of them can match.

I'm glad to hear mr. reese is still on the upswing; that's good news.

Blake said...

Glad to hear that Reese is rallying. There is hope for me yet to see him again.

Bedfordshire! I haven't heard or seen that word in years. I fact it was probably Eve telling me to go to bed when I was a little younger.

Hugs to all especially Reese.

Uncle Pervy

tater said...

So glad to hear the good news about Reesie! Good luck on your adventure to Parma...

Doralong said...

So- do tell! How was Parma? How is precious? Did you bring me ham????