Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Reese Report

Hang Down Your Head Reese Dooley
This was the sight that greeted me this morning as I came into the kitchen hall with my coffee cup in hand. I know what you're thinking and so did I for a second and almost dropped my coffee cup. Than I remembered the "hanging head" routine. From the time he was a puppy up until his back surgery Reese always did that. He could be sitting in your lap or laying in his kennel and his head would be hanging, eyes-rolled back in a William F Buckley manner, dead-to-the-world asleep. The first time it happened - he would have been about 3 months old - I panicked, he didn't respond to being called and I was sure he was dead. Of course, we didn't know at that point that he was deaf - something the breeder forgot to mention.

So having said that Mr. Reese, the Reeserman, Buddy is on as much of a recovery as we can expect at 93 - eating in a very picky manner, walking unsteadily and sleeping a great deal. As John says: It's like an elderly relative - or me on a bad day!

31 ottobre - Santa Lucilla


more cowbell said...

Ah, the hanging head routine! On Halloween no less - clever puppy. Yes, Reese, you scared me. Boo!

evilganome said...

I have to admit he does a real good job with that. Alice's something found dead on the side of the road act just can't compare.

BigAssBelle said...

oh yay!!!! i am so happy to hear it. sweet little reesie.

waking a deaf dog can be heartstopping. is he breathing????? and losing a deaf dog in the house ~ terrifying. i can't count the times i've thought my sweet bettie somehow escaped, only to find her sound asleep under a chair or bed.

glad he's on the mend, as well as can be expected for his dignified age of 93.

i'll catch up with you globetrotters shortly. have missed you. hugs to all three of you.

Willym said...

Hey Lady... Pretty Lady... so glad you hear from you. Hope that the machine is doing you a world of good and that you're getting some sleep. If prayers and love can help you've been getting it in spades.

You know exactly what I mean with the deaf dog routine. Often wonder if they are playing a bit just to see how much we care.

tater said...

Sorry I haven't caught up in awhile, but am so happy that Reesie is responding better. That picture freaked me out until I read your post. John Barrymore, indeed.