Tuesday, October 09, 2007

News Footage at Eleven

My apologies to all my friends who must think by this point that I have fallen off into a pit in the Coliseum and been devoured, like the Christians, by lions. It didn't really happen to them all that much - Christian propaganda - and it hasn't happened to me.

We are all doing fine. I've just finished a sex week language course and frankly at 60 I'm too bloody old to learn all those irregular verbs. Laurent is in week three of his four week stint. We are slowly getting the apartment together - shipments arrived at staggered times and we brought too much stuff with us. We were able to host Canadian Thanksgiving dinner this weekend for colleagues with a degree of success.

Reese is having some problems. Adjusting has been a hardship for him and the effects of old age are creeping up on him - hell even I have to get up in the middle of the night these days, though that may be the wine and mineral water with dinner more than age - yeah I wish! We have found a good vet for him and he is getting more exercise than before - as indeed are we all, Rome is a walking town.

The Internet saga continues; Fastweb came last week and dropped off the ADSL modem and we were to have service today. Well it is now 9:15 pm and not only do we not have Internet we do not have phone service either. But we must be learning - we both shrugged our shoulders, delved into our risotto and poured another glass of a rather nice white from the Veneto.

By tomorrow I should be up and running; I have so much reading to catch up on - Tater, Belle, Cowbell, Sticky Crows, Evilgnome et al. And got a cache full of photos of the past two months to share with the world.

My thanks to all of you for the comments and the concern, we are here, we are definitely queer and MORE DETAILS AT ll!

PS: I've piggy backed on a colleagues wifi to send this post.

Erratum: You're right Lynette it is a typo - "sex week" - only in my most ferverent dreams!!!!!!

9 Ottobre - San Diogini


BigAssBelle said...

"we are here, we are definitely queer" . . . well thank goodness! so glad to hear it :-)

I've just finished a sex week . . . i know that's a typo, but i just cracked up when i read it, thinking "hell, that's why no posts from sunny Italy.

Italian time must really be something. Can't wait to see the photos. Can't wait for you to be connected.

Sorry to hear that sweet little Reesie's having a hard time. Poor baby. It must be rough to be an old guy and have to change everything. He's got lots of love, I hope that helps him settle in. A good vet is priceless.

Can't wait til you're back!! Hugs to all three of you, lynette

Blake said...

I tried to leave this comment yesterday and it did not stick so I am trying again.

Oh great now I can't even call you on the phone.

Give my good bud Reesie a hug from Uncle Peervy.

more cowbell said...

Well, dear sir, with that sex week language course, I'm sure it's more than irregular verbs you're delving into.

So glad you're back! We've missed you. Poor Reese ... hope he gets back on track soon.

(((welcome back hugs)))