Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Reesie Report - Rome

Going DoDoI wish this could be a more upbeat report but we've just returned from taking Reese to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic near the house. We've left him there for some tests and observation and the best we can do is be optimistic.

He had some problems settling in, as did we all, but seemed to be coming along. He had claimed one of the gardens as his own and was vocal in challenging anyone who came into it - though the challenge was always only vocal. He was happy with his bed in our bedroom and his kennel in the kitchen hallway and loved sitting on the balcony. Within the first month he had to have some major dental things done and an ear infection seen to but he was getting more exercise than in Aylmer and seemed the better for it.

A few weeks ago he started having some incontinence problems Lord of All He Surveysand the accidents were quite frequent - much to his embarrassment as that is something he has very rarely done in the past 14 years. Then last week his old skin infection came back and he developed a series of infected cysts on the back of his head . When the Vet removed them on Thursday Laurent and I both were almost sick to our stomachs, both from what we saw and the pain it caused our poor Reese. The Vet gave us a silver solution to spray on the infection and on the lesions from the cysts and things seemed to be better.

When we got home yesterday from an excursion to the Etruscan Necropolis at Cerveteri della Banditaccia I noticed that he had licked one of the areas clean of the solution. I was a little concerned as it was clearly marked "For External Use Only" and even more so when he started behaving strangely. He was refusing to eat, pawing at his nose continually, drinking excessive amounts of water and stumbling when he walked or just refused to get up. I was concerned that I had poisoned him but we decided to wait overnight and see.

He was restless throughout the night - wandered from his bed to his kennel and back several times. This morning he was having trouble balancing on his hind legs and at that point we decided a trip to the clinic was needed. So now we sit and wait!

We've been asking ourselves a few questions in the last hour or so - some that we have asked before:
A rest on the balconyShould we have subjected him to the trauma of the move at his age, after all he is 14. If we hadn't what would we have done with him? Give him away, have him put down (I don't bloody think so!)

The problems he's having he may well have had in Ottawa; he's had one major back operation and difficultly with walking ever since. Though he looks like a puppy he's an old dog - 90-odd in human years - is all this just a result of age and perhaps an immune system compromised by the stress of the move.

If he does lose control of his back legs what are we going to do? Back surgery at his age is not really an option, they do have little wheels for daschie's, or do we judge the degree and quality of life and make a decision from there?

Honestly I think the only choice is the later and to do all we can to make sure he doesn't suffer and make the best choice for our boy.

14 Ottobre - San Callisto I Papa


Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

I'm so sorry to hear that. Let's cross our fingers for him.


more cowbell said...

poor him! going to read the rest of the reports.

BigAssBelle said...

oh no! was it the silver solution that's created this toxic situation? or is it the side effects of all that infection??

i think you did the only thing you could in moving. it's tough on the little guy, but you couldn't leave him behind. the trauma of losing you after all of this time would be far worse than the trauma of moving. and putting him down ~ not an option in the face of old age and not severe illness.

old is just old and it takes some extra care. my old cat is fairly healthy but he throws up a lot (a lot!) and each time i'm scraping chewed cat food out of the persian rugs, i tell myself that i love my boy and this is just part of life. there's no help for it and one day he'll be gone and i'll wish for a cold pile of predigested food to step in as i exit my bed in the morning.

well maybe not, but i will miss my kitty as you will miss your reesie as i will miss my betty and bill when they get old. the heartbreak of losing pets is almost enough to put me off of having them entirely. so painful.