Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big Ben and the Bad Boys at the Vatican

Immortalized in Stain
Well looks like another "homosexual scandal" has hit the gang across the River in the City of God. According to this report the gentleman (?) in question is not gay but only pretending to be. The hypocrisy of some of his justifications are enough to make an alter boy blush - if his actions hadn't already had that effect.
And by the way Ben was never a member of the Hitler Youth okay!

Thanks to my niece Katherine in Jersey (Channel Islands not U.S.) for the picture of the rather interesting church window.

14 Ottobre - San Callisto I Papa


evilganome said...

That is as good as a picture I saw a few years ago where the former pontif looked like he was being serviced by one of his attendants.

tater said...

That picture is too funny. Shame on you (but not really)! The scandal is a joke, and irritates the hell out of me...

more cowbell said...

Oh my! Now that's some serious genuflecting, there.