Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rainy Day Reading

One of the frustrations of not having Internet for an extended period was that I couldn't keep up with all my favorite blogs. With today being a rain day I'm checking archives to see what I've missed over the past two months. The current postings that I've seen so far have reminded me why I wait so impatiently for new postings:
  • Tater is in the middle of a three part posting: The Storm - Part 1 and Part 2; as always the writing is gripping - I'm waiting for the book Tater and Part 3
  • I Need More Cowbell has a powerful piece on Columbus and the myth of discovery
  • A book brings back memories of a family story of tragic times in America for Lynette at Big Assed Belle
  • Joe My God , has his usual incredible mixture of political, gay, music, Broadway, New York Street scenes and Shelley too
  • Aaron at Meanwhile has added Berlin to the places he has captured so beautifully and reminded me why its one of my favorite cities
  • Eric at Secrets of the Red Seven recalls a childhood memory and a link to today

  • And on the music scene:

  • La Cieca at Parterre Box has a great review of the Alagna Radames contributed by Gaultier Maldè - well-written and knowledgeable (a few critics should take notes)plus a pic of Bobby-Baby looking very fit
  • Opera Chic continues her quirky, wild and wonderful observations of the European music scene that got her in so much trouble with the stuff shirts at La Scala. Plus it looks like New York got a taste of Chic's gimlet eye.
And I haven't even started to look at Sticky Crows (except for the video of Sara), Evilganome, The Voluptuary, Here's The Dish, We Like Sheep, What Would Jackie Wear? and My Favorite Intermissions. As I said thank god it's a rainy day here.

*If I've missed anyone it isn't intentional - I've got so much to get caught up on.
**Unfortunately my friend Bev has not been able to post regularly on her blog - but being in the thick of things in Afghanistan, its understandable. Enjoy the rest with Kev and my guys in Sri Lanka darling and we'll see you here in December. God Willing.
18 Ottobre - San Luca Evangalista


tater said...

thank you for the mention, and I should have a third installment in on Friday or Saturday. It's half written. Part three will not be the finish btw, don't know where or when the ending is yet. Hope you can be patient...

more cowbell said...

Tater's such a tease. I'm just glad you're back online - I've missed reading you.