Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Parlo del Pui del Meno

Here are a few postings I was going to put up the minute the Internet was connected - you will notice the optimistic dates.

Cobblestones being replacedI mentioned plans to replace cobblestones with tarmac in an earlier posting ; well it now looks like Commune di Rome has done a volte-face on that one. Much to the dismay of locals, who detest the “sampietrini,” plans have been announced to conduct some basic maintenance on the basalt surfaces starting this month. Pot holes – some big enough to consume a SmartCar – will be filled in and some stretches relaid. Now if only they can Replacing the cobblestonesdo the same on a few of the main asphalt roads the world would be a better place.

And no this is not simply an excuse to show pictures of Italian workmen - its an interesting fact!!!
15 Settembre – Ezaltation San Croice

It isn’t uncommon for a wife to send her husband out to the bar here in Rome – for a litre of milk! Bars here have a completely different function than back home in Canada. Before I go to class in the morning I stop at the bar beside the school for a cappuccino; at the same time a neighbourhood gypsy woman will have a morning brandy to ward off the chills. The entire class goes to a bar at our break for coffee and pastry and again at lunch for either a sandwich or a three or four course lunch. If we need that litre of milk or a bottle of wine for dinner I can always nip over to our local bar and pick them up. It’s a real convenient convenience store. Plus you can catch up on the local gossip.
13 Settembre - San Giovanni Crisostomo

Our intersection at Via Nomentana (above) should be three lanes going into town, including an express lane for buses, taxis and anyone who wants to defy the law. So why is it six random lanes this morning?

Well it’s the first day of school at Instituo Marymount and doting parents are dropping off the issue of their marital (and sometimes extra-marital) bliss. The future movers and shakers of Italy, International/Multi-national Corporations and Embassies world-wide are being let out of their BMWs, SUVs etc. Of course it can’t be a simple matter of open door, grab school bag, “Mom, don’t yell I love you in front of the gang” and run. Kisses must be exchanged, gossip shared and hard-won Feragosto tans compared. Mothers check out what the other mothers are wearing. Fathers jockey for a parking spot that will ensure the other fathers see the new fully-equipped family chariot. It’s not just the beginning of the school year; it’s a major social event.
10 Settembre – Santa Pulcheria


tater said...

God willym,
So sorry to read about Reesie! Hope there is a full recovery in the works. He is such a cutie, that I think I will weep right along with you if he doesn't improve.

So glad to have you back! You are too kind. Now as for those pics of the workmen, if you could get a few more close ups, and ask them to remove their shirts, I would be forever grateful. Can you get me a pair of those orange pants?

more cowbell said...

Ah, the little darlings! I don't know about Italy, but in Germany and especially Hungary, children -- childhood, actually -- seemed to be more cherished in some way. More indulged, but less spoiled, if that makes any sense? And not in such a hurry to grow up as here.

So glad you're back on the Googles!