Friday, October 26, 2007

The Reese Report

Well tonight is Dr. Benvenuti's assessment of the situation with Reese: from our point of view he is certainly better than when we took him to the Clinic or brought him home for that matter. He is walking a bit - though if he stands in one spot for more than a minute his back end slowly sinks to the ground. When he sits the one back leg is often in an unnatural position. He is eating - though only chicken, hamburger or slightly cooked vegetables. He is still drinking copious amounts of water which are then recycle - occasionally on the kitchen hallway floor or carpet. He spends a good deal of his time sleeping. He has definitely lost that puppy look and just looks like an old boy now. And he resolutely refuses to give me a kiss!

Went for a caffeine fix yesterday morning with my friend John, another dip-spouse, and I'm not sure if it was the two cappuccini, the chocolate corneti or both but we chattered away for almost 2 hours. When the subject turned to Reese, John compared the situation to looking after an elderly relative - and he's right. He's old, he's in failing health and he's part of our family - so we look after him as long and as well as we can.

Having said that I am going to be a bad person tomorrow - please tater forgive me. If I can get the TrenItalia website to accept my credit card - its rejected three perfectly valid ones already - I'm heading up to Parma early tomorrow morning and returning late Sunday morning. Laurent - being the sort of person he is - insists that I should go and that he can get some quality time in with Reese that way. Though it could be he just wants to get rid of me for a day or so.

Of course this is all subject to change depending on tonight's assessment.

26 ottobre - San Evanisto


Anonymous said...

All my hopes!

David Smith
2 dogs

more cowbell said...

Willym, I think you definitely should go - hey, that's the advantage of having 2 parents, seriously, go. I'm glad to hear that Reese is improving. Not an easy situation. Scratch his ears from me.

Doralong said...

This my dear is what parents do.. Go- enjoy that which you love. As CB said- this is the good thing about 2 parents. And sweetie, you got stuck with the "stay at home mom" gig due to circumstances- just sayin' You're allowed to still love you!

Yes I walked out of the house with one sick kid and left the Beast in charge to take my best U2 buddy to Philly one weekend. Spent the whole trip up consumed with guilt- then Bono smiled at me and I got the hell over it.. Enjoy my friend- life is a fleeting thing.

And not to take the other circumstances lightly- truly I do not. Been then and done that. You're allowed to give yourself a break for a once in a life time chance at something you genuinely love- they only come around so many times after all..