Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Year

It was one year ago yesterday that we arrived in Rome. So much has changed in that year and, as always, so much has remained the same. Even here in Rome, the centre of inconsistency, I've found consistencies.
Votice at a shrineI noticed yesterday that the votive candle in front of the shrine in our compound wall was almost burnt out - this morning there was a new one in its place. It burns night and day, unmolested, expressing someones cares, concerns or perhaps their thanks. I should think a bit more about that candle and a little bit less about the inconsistencies.

31 lulgio - St Ignacio di Loyola


evilganome said...

Congratulations on your first year! Thank you for sharing your time in Italy with us.

danny/ink2metal said...

happy anniversary!

i can only hope that it's been a year of great memories with many more to come.

more cowbell said...

I remember that post! Reading this one, I was having deja vu big time. Happy Rome anniversary to you guys. (Is that Male Offspring's candle?)

Lorraine said...

A year already? Amazing. Looking forward to more wonders!

BigAssBelle said...

hard to believe. and so you've just had an anniversary as well. i've missed so much having my head firmly entrenched in my ass :-)