Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Its been a while since I've shared some of the riches out there from my blog buddies and its about time I did. And here's a few pictures of Spoleto from our weekend in Feburary (and a few from the past weekend) that have been hanging around that I've meant to share but some how never got around to posting.
Death Notices - SpoletoThe tradition of posting death notices on billboards, expressly there for that purpose, still exsists in smaller towns in Italy. This was one of the boards in Spoleto last Sunday.

  • Over at Big Ass Belle, Lynette enjoys the first tomato from her garden and in the process makes me so homesick for a Bacon and Tomato sandwich. The tomatoes we get here are fantastic its getting the North American style bacon that's the problem.

I'm pretty sure almost every Umbrian hill down has its Boca fountain. Spoleto is no exception however this one is build into the first wall surrounding the Rocca castle. It was probably originally fed from the castle cistern.

  • I'm not sure why but this posting from Sageweb had me laughing and shedding a few tears too. It can't be menopausal, I'm not on any drugs and I wasn't hung over. Maybe just a happy high?

The ceramics in this area are colourful and though expensive can be an attractive addition to that small hillside villa we all want to buy. The best we could do were two ornaments to add to this year's Christmas tree.

  • Since May, maybe earlier, Speck has been sharing her Hot Dog cartoons with us. I have to admit that Francine is my favorite but here's a few of them for you to relish! Sorry I just had to.

I'm not sure that security is really a big issue in Spoleto but this palazzo owner wasn't taking any chances - and admittedly the window is almost level with the pavement.

  • Lorraine reminds us that last Friday was the 232nd anniversary of the official birth of the United States; and she makes some observations on the documents that define America. And if you scoll on down she lets us share on her road trip with the Child and Auld Hat to visit our friend Sling.

The shops in Spoleto tend to the trendy, the elegant and the expensive. And they do know how to display things.

  • And speaking of Sling he posted an old Pete Seager number that had me singing along and remembering my brother on guitar singing tenor, my sister-in-law doing alto and me mostly off-key boy soprano. Goodnight Irene anyone?

And again speaking of Sing, when I see woodworking like this - the choir stalls at the Duomo in Spoleto - I am reminded of postings he done about the work he and his colleagues do as cabinet makers.

  • The talented and witty Hat takes an aphronism from Mark Twain that is not one of his better know - but it should be - and gives it an artistic and philisophical twist.

The goodies that are available in stores like this are incredible - pastas, meats, condiments, wines - everything need to make a great meal.

08 lulgio - San Adriano


Anonymous said...

Now I'm crying. That was the perfect post. I don't know how you managed to make us all be together, but it feels like we are.
Here. Have some real bacon.

sageweb said...

you are such a sweetie...oh and Speck's Hotdogs are going to be famous one day...They are too good not to be.

AMOROMA said...

We both loved the dancing ragazzo! When will we go dancing together?

Sling said...

Look at all the grand company I get to keep in this post!..:)
If I had known,I'da worn a better T-shirt.
Matt the dancing guy speaks eloquently for me.