Saturday, July 19, 2008

Orimpics You Say?

Just think if Laurent had stayed in Beijing we could be part of the Olympic celebrations starting next month - oh joy!

The Chinese government has spent an Emperor's ransom to ensure that these will be the greatest games in the history of the Olympics. But are they really ready?

I haven't found a way of posting this without the 4 second slide show so for a longer look: hit the pause icon and then forward arrow to see each photo or a double click will take you to the album.

And thanks to my friend Naomi for sending me these photos from the Chinglish pages of Engrish, a hysterical look at fractured English at its most creative.

19 lulgio - San Simmaco Papa


Sling said...

These are hilarious!
I wonder what the penalty for 'Dying right here' is?

Parsifal said...

OMG,i cant hold my tears, i ve been laughing for the last 30 minutes with these

evilganome said...

I'm not sure I want my testes to tinkle. I will probably be laughing about this for the rest of the day.