Thursday, July 10, 2008

Open Wide!

I finally had dental surgery yesterday to remove a cracked wisdom tooth that I should have had looked after two years ago. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that only thinks about a toothache when there's pain, if that disappears I forget about it. And its not that I'm afraid of dentists, I've been known to fall asleep in the dentist's chair, I'm just one of those "out of pain, out of mind" people.

My dentist is German, a tall, gray-haired handsome older man with a great chair side manner; his staff are charming and friendly even when giving me totally incomprehensible instructions in Italian. Yes, we resorted to some rather strange looking pantomine when X-rays were being taken. The good Herr Doktor assured me he was good at two things: flying helicopters and removing teeth. I had heard about the first talent from friends - apparently he's flown around the world - but wasn't about to put that skill to the test. But now I can avow to his second accomplishment, I honestly didn't feel a thing during the surgery and it was over before I knew it. I didn't even have time to fall asleep.

You'll notice I said during the surgery - it was once the freezing came out that I started doing my Jerry Lewis impersonation. So here I sit on my bed (well actually its a home office chair)of pain and anguish, chocked full of anti-biotics (oh yes it had reached the inflammation stage before I did anything about it) and painkillers trying to focus on the keyboard, have breakfast and get ready for work - multitasking's a breeze when you high on ketorolac tromentamina. I'll try and keep the pathetic whimpering down so as not to disturb my colleagues at work but I can't guarantee I won't burst out crying when I see the Herr Doktor's bill later today!

10 lulgio - Santa Felicita ed i suoi sette figli


AMOROMA said...

I am so sorry that you had to have the surgery... I experienced an Italian dentist several months ago for the removal of a wisdom tooth and found it much better than the extraction I had in the USA, and much cheaper, too!

Doralong said...

Ouch!! Umm, perhaps you ought to stay home today dear?

Willym said...

Amor: got a feeling this guy ain't cheap - he has his own helicopter!!!!

Dora: Hey there hope the vacation is going okay. What stay at home and miss the chance to annoy the living byjesus out of my co-workers????? I think not!

sageweb said...

Hey, bummer about your toofus. That is redneck for tooth..sounds way cooler. Anyhow...wish you could share those painkillers with the rest of us.

Sling said...

I need a whole new set o' choppers,but like you said,I don't think about it when there's no pain.
I say milk all the sympathy you can outta the co-workers,and pound down plenty of those Italian vicodins as necessary.

evilganome said...

Sorry to hear about the dental pain, both physical and monetary. I love my dentist, who aside from being gay, and cuter than a bugs ear, is a really good dentist. Good thing too, since I need to have 3 more teeth crowned.