Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mercoledi Musicale

Still in the afterglow of a good Canada Day celebration, what could be more Canadian than K. D. Lang singing Leonard Cohen? Okay K. D. Lang singing Neil Young but maybe that will wait for another Wednesday.

This is one of many covers of K. D. doing this Cohen masterpiece on YouTube. There are purer more musical one's out there but this performance in September 2007 at the Elton John AIDS Benefit is surely one her most emotional. If that last Hallelujah doesn't give you shivers you're made of stone.

02 lulgio - San Ottone


sageweb said...

This is one of my favoritist songs. (Ha that isnt a word) Anytune I love this song cuz a lot of artist attempt to sing it...not many can nail it like KD did. Wonderful Find!

Anonymous said...

Oh she does it for me. I could give up men forever n'ever amen hallelujah pass the peas. Whewski! That was amazing. I'm all goosebumps and tingles over here.