Tuesday, July 01, 2008


We'll be celebrating Canada Day here in Rome in much the manner we would at home - perhaps minus the fireworks but you never can tell there seem to be fireworks somewhere in the city every evening these days. We'll be gathering on the grounds of our Embassy as family,friends and colleagues to celebrate our country.

And if we can't find any fireworks around town maybe I'll just set off my own display by going to this nifty site that I've used to bring a little bit of feux d'artifice and noise into my life when needed.

To all my friends back home in Canada - Happy Canada Day! Bonne fête Canada!

01 lulgio - La festa del Canada


sageweb said...

Happy Canada Day!...I am saying that with a canadian accent.

Anonymous said...

I will be off to the local fireworks after work this evening!

Auld Hat said...

I can see Canada from the front window of my building. I will go blow it a kiss from you.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is in Rome today with a group of Canadian students. I'm sure they'll be celebrating in their own way. Perhaps they'll make it to the Canadian Consulate to see if there are any celebrations. You may even see each other! We'll light some sparklers here in Mississauga in honour of our travelling Canadians on this special day!