Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And This Just Off the Newswire

Just after I put the previous post up this morning I was paging through the New York Times Online and what do I find:

A Private Dance? Four Million Web Fans Say No!

An article about the wonderful video Sageweb had posted and Matt Harding, the man who created it. The guy's a star in my book for creating so much joy around the world. Would that there were more!

08 lulgio - San Adriano


Sling said...

Sometimes,I find myself feeling a little discouraged about the nature of things.
Money,and power,and special interests just seem to be draining the humanity out of,well,..humanity.
What happened to the world I born in?
What happened to shaking hands,opening doors,and greeting strangers with a heartfelt 'Welcome!'??..
What in the name of (insert higher power here) is keeping us from spiraling inexhorably downward into self-absorbed oblivion??

Then I watch young Matt's video,and think,..'Oh,..yeah.'

sageweb said...

Cool article great find...I just downloaded that song off of ITunes..the video is gorgeous...but the song and the voice she has is captivating.