Monday, July 14, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

I had a bit of a Bollywood theme going there last week and was reminded of a music video I saw a year or more ago. Buffalax takes non-English music videos and adds subtitles not with translations but transliterations. The results of what he thinks he hears are sometimes hysterical. And its nice to see that the North American industry doesn't have a monopoly on mindless music videos.

Of course being a Canadian I worried about the "political correctness" of posting this - because that's what Canadians spend most of their time doing: worrying about political correctness, okay that and the weather. And being Canadian I'm falling all over myself in advance with apologies, breast-beating and mea colpaing but I still think its funny.

14 lulgio - San Camillo de Lellis


evilganome said...

I sprayed coffee all over the computer when they started singing about the goat! That was hilarious! So wrong in so many ways, but hilarious. And not at all PC. Thank god.

Bev said...

All of our TV channels are like that here in Afghanistan... Today I was sitting in the Police HQ watching CSI in Dari with the cleavage fogged out... Police HQ is a whole other story... How I wish I had time and bandwidth to really blog.. but you always manage to make me smile :)

sageweb said...

I Love This!

Sling said...

Screw bein' PC,this is hilarious!..
You just need the right latitude.

danny/ink2metal said...

whhhhheeeeeeeee! i'm still wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing so much.

and trust me not all canadians worry about being p.c. my cousin was born and raised in the vancouver area and she has a twisted way of being p.c. that makes her completely not p.c.