Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mercoledi Musicale

After my little poke at Bollywood earlier this week I sat and watched one of my favorite movies: Monsoon Wedding.

Tracing the two days before and day of the wedding of a modern couple who are in a traditional arranged marriage, director Mira Nair celebrates family warts and all. Despite various problems and situations in the end family and friends join in a joyous dance that even the pounding rain of a monsoon cannot dampen.

I recall when I first saw it at the cinema I came out on a high and I still get it everytime I watch it here at home.

16 lulgio - Nostra Signora di Carmello


sageweb said...

I love everything about Bollywood. The women are so sexy, the singing and dancing make me so happy. The whole thing has good vibes.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of weddings - don't you have an anniversary approaching?

Lorraine said...

I've got to put that on my Netflix list. The Neighbor raves about it all the time.