Monday, July 07, 2008

Colour Me Envious

Though I do tend to focus on opera in my postings, a glance at my Mercoledi Musicale on Wednesdays does reveal a slightly wider musical interest. Admittedly my taste runs mostly to the vocal but classical, church, jazz, blue grass, country, pop, rock-a-billy and folk have all been part of my musical education. I do draw the line at later rock and heavy metal - yeah I know I'm an old foggy!

I can thank my brother for my love of folk music; he had a five-string banjo and played it at church socials, corn roasts, strawberry socials and family gatherings - sometimes whither they wanted him to or not. And I remember him taking me down to Massey Hall in Toronto to see the Weavers (after Peter Seeger had left the group) when I was around 8 or 9. Very early on I learned Seeger, Woody Guthrie and The Weavers songs and can still remember most of the words if not the harmonies.

I was reading the Toronto Star online this morning and came across a review for this concert. The chance to hear an American legend, the performers he's nurturing to carry on the tradition of folk and Sylvia Tyson coming out of the audience to do harmony. Folk don't get much better than that... and I'm so damned envious.

07 lulgio - San Claudio

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Sling said...

I never doubted for a minute that we shared a common joy for this kind of music!
Your brother is a wise man indeed. :)