Thursday, July 24, 2008

Around Pyramide

Laurent and I are starting to take those little jaunts around Roma that we always said we would. Last Saturday was sunny but pleasant - not the extreme heat we'd been having the past week or two - and once marketing was out of the way the perfect day to get out. For some reason I choose the Pyramide area as our destination - not that I knew what was there other than a pyramid but it sound like a good place to go.
Serendipity (serendipità) was our friend once more - we found a pleasant trattoria to have lunch, the Pyramid of Cestius, Porto San Paolo and best of all the Cimiterio Acattolicco or Non-Catholic Cemetery built into the Auralien Walls at the Porta. Our arrival at the Pyramide Metro Station took us past the Stazione Ostiense - the town terminus for the electric train that goes out to the old port of Ostia with its popular beaches.
Though built in to a standard station design the interior reflects the nautical nature of its destination. Walls are a sand colour and golden crabs adorn the cornices and picture rails. But best of all some artist of no great talent adorned the walls with oceanic scenes of almost hysterical banality.
I'm really not sure what Neptune is doing with the dolphin or what that is lapping around crotch level. But in either case, whatever it is, it can't be natural, can it?????
(Double click for a closer look)

This poor nymph is either upset at being caught in the net or has come to the sudden realization that these two guys are headed for the gay end of the beach. Which ever, she doesn't look too pleased with the outcome.
(Double click for a closer look)

Well I guess we can't all be Raphael!
24 luglio - Santa Christina


Doralong said...

OK, that first picture is just bizarre..

sageweb said...

First picture is really bizarre and the second is funny. Can you go inside the pyramid?

Willym said...

Sage: No the base of the pyramide is well below street level and it is fenced off both on street and cemetery side. Apparently the burial chamber was adorned with frescos which were distroyed during the 1600s.

more cowbell said...

Hmm ... only you could give such interesting commentary on old world art.

BigAssBelle said...

ha! what's that lapping 'round neptune's wanker? heh :-)