Monday, June 23, 2008

Searing Question - Answered!

I was surprised at a few of the comments left in response to my little poll as well as astounded by 2 of the several e-mails I received. Being a devoted fan is one thing, being abusive to anyone who isn't is another.

Here's the results of my totally unscientific poll:

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And I'm glad to say the majority were right. There was no miking of any sort involved. Would it have benefited from it - to be honest more than a few of the singers could have used some increase of volume. However that was chiefly because of Director-Designer Pier'Alli's fondness for sound-deadening scrims and a tendency of conductor Alain Lombard to allow the orchestra to swamp the singers.

I will be putting up a posting of Bizet's Carmen as presented at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma last Friday night in the next day or so, you all know how long it takes me to write that sort of thing - thank god I'm not working to deadlines anymore. And I emphasis I'll be talking about Bizet's Carmen!

23 giugno - San Giuseppe Cafasso

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