Saturday, June 14, 2008

Un Piccolo Giardino nella Città - II

When I read my friends' posting about their gardens I am succumb to one of the Seven Deadly Sins! I know that Doralong is involved in a landscaping project, Speck views her garden - and few other things - from across the road and Evilgnome - well he keeps posting these gorgeous pictures like this, this and this! And I'm green - and I don't mean just the thumb I mean the whole body - green with envy!

I really miss getting out there digging, pruning, planting ... all those activities that put you in touch with the earth. However I'm still checking my little balcony garden every day and finding signs of growth and flowering. I've never had a gardenia before and I'm waiting excitedly to see it bloom. And our compound is in the middle of the old Villa Nomentana gardens so I guess I shouldn't complain - I do have a garden without the work!

Balcony bloomBalcony flowersBalcony bellsGardenia budDaylilliesBalcony blooms

I give a sigh when I think of the garden pictures I've posted in the past. But I still have a garden and as my mother use to say: Well it's a poor thing but it's my own!

14 giugno - San Elieso


Doralong said...

You get the pretty without the heavy equipment though, look at it that way. I get the feeling the "little" project he started is going to end up being one of those things that takes a couple of years to finish..

Parsifal said...

Poor??? c'mon! it looks beauuuuutiful! Baci d' Atene!