Monday, June 16, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

From the very popular French TV-series Kaamelott.

When I saw this I immediately thought of blog buddy Cowebell's first born - the Bohemian - and her love of Early Music. I have a feeling she may have met a few "authentisity" fanatics just like Pére Blaise. And I love the pun on pedal - the French slang equivalent of "faggot."

Thanks to my friend Cathy for sharing this one. And by the way Cathy Happy Retirement!

16 giugno - San Aureliano


evilganome said...

Thanks Will. As usual, you have brightened up my Monday.

more cowbell said...
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more cowbell said...

Ha! The Bohemian quite enjoyed that, and said to tell you, "Of course, the Devil's Interval was bound to come up!"

This was particularly timely, as just last night we were at the house of the couple (J. & D.) who runs the music academy she attended on weekends during her high school years -- they're a riot - 78 years old, shacking up, and deliciously irreverent. She and her former ensemble partner, also home from college, were working on sight-singing some new pieces, and J. was getting on the Bohemian's partner about practicing her 4ths and 5ths. The Bohemian chimed in that 4ths and 5ths are fine, but the major 9th gives singers problems, and they all chuckled about how often one does one come across that anyway.

So, this clip was doubly funny, coming on the heels of last night's interval frivolity.

It's a classically twisted humor, isn't it?