Monday, June 30, 2008

Elephants and Tigers and Tenors!! Oh My!! - Part 1

My friend Betty Jean and I headed up to Spoleto yesterday on a whim. And here's what we saw:

The 51st Festival dei due mondi di Spoleto had opened with a performance of Albert Roussel's rarely heard Padmavâtî on Friday and we caught the repeat on Sunday afternoon. And there were tigers ... and tenors... and 20 Indian dancers, 450 costumes in incredibly gorgeous fabric and more special effects than Star Wars.

More about it a little later this week.

30 giugno - I Martiri Proromani

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Anonymous said...

vraiment "oh my"! jeez....Will, that stage looked WILD....
I hope you had fun and the out of the blue jettin' to Spoleto was worth it.