Sunday, June 01, 2008

Il Ciclo dei Mesi - Giugno

Month Cycle - Trento - June
Even in 1400 the month of June seemed to be the favoured time for weddings - May having been the month for courting. In the lower foreground an richly dressed wedding party sets off on its way accompanied by musicians. Two nobles leave their elaborate stone castle bearing gifts for the bridal pair. In the upper background the peasants dressed in their rough homespuns milk the cows, carry the milk, churn the butter and shape the cheese, all of which will no doubt appear on the tables at the wedding feast.

In the cycle there is never any direct contact between the two worlds - Liechtenstein's view of the perfect Medieval world.

01 giugno - San Giustino


Doralong said...

And when you complete the cycle we'll have to have a showing of them all in sequential order!!

Always amazes me these things that survive our wars and stupidity, kind of gives me hope that in the end beauty really does endure.

Lorraine said...

Sometimes reading this blog is like watching PBS.

I mean that in the best possible way, of course.