Monday, June 16, 2008

A Bit More Lunedi Lunacy

I had suggested that Cowbell let the Bohemian know about today's clip because I knew she'd get a chuckle out of it. In return Cowbell sent me an e-mail just before I headed off to work, I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it:
Oh wait ... the organ ended, and it's now the Tudor choir singing Clemens non Papa. The radio DJ (do they call them DJs on the classical stations?) actually said -- and I quote --, "So if the question is 'Who's your daddy?', you'll know that Clemens non Papa is not who you're looking for." He was rather pleased with his hip wittery, judging by his chuckle.

I'm not sure what they call classical station DJ's - there must be some fancy name. But his little pun had me me chortling as I trudged to the salt mine!

Us classical music types are such wags!

16 giugno - San Aureliano

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more cowbell said...

I've been published! Ha! And classical music types can be the most interesting rogues.