Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mercoledi Musicale

Okay there's a bit of a theme here but we can partly blame EvilGnome for that. I mentioned that gardenias reminded me of Billie Holliday and suggested I might post something by Lady Day. He countered with Etta James singing the title song from Fritz Lang's 1953 film noir The Blue Gardenia.

I couldn't find the dynamic Miss James doing this Nelson Riddle composition but did come across this clip from the movie - guess we'll just have to settle for Nat King Cole doing the film's title song.

The actress playing the blind flower seller is Celia Lovsky - former wife and life-long friend of Peter Lorre - and after their divorce a well-known character actress in her own right. Trekies remember her from her appearance on the first Star Trek series.

18 giugno - San Calegero

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evilganome said...

I would hardly suggest that Nat King Cole is settling for anything. This is actually one of my favorite versions of this song. But I also like the Dinah Washington version too.

Thanks for reminding me of both Nat and the movie.